Each day will begin with a meditative sitting in nature, as we gradually reveal the natural conversation around us and what it means. As you move deeper into this great wild conversation, it becomes apparent just how connected it is and how it crosses the species’ boundaries. In many ways, it is the original worldwide web of information.


Then, taking this peace with you, you will move off into nature on your daily quests, which will culminate with you choosing and creating your own ‘medicine spot’, after the manner of the Native American. It is here that the real magic will happen as you realise that the supernatural is no more than super nature and that you are an indivisible part of it.


As well as immersing yourself in nature you will also be nourishing your body with beautiful, organic, seasonal, and local food, supplemented with wild food that we find. The water will be taken directly from the mountain spring where it flows from the rocks; aromatic herbs also will be collected to strew around your camp.


We will finish our experience with a fire ceremony. This will be the coming together of all the elements of the preceding days. Here is where you will imbue one of the totems with something new that you wish to take away with you. The other will be lovingly placed within the fire to allow something else to be left behind here, something no longer needed in your life.


This is a liminal journey which will leave you feeling refreshed and reconnected to the great beauty that surrounds us, and to that which lies within.


  • Fire making masterclass using primitive and modern survival techniques.

  • Learning the language of the birds and how it tells us what is happening around us.

  • Finding wild food and medicinal herbs.

  • Reading the story of the landscape like reading a guide book.

  • Learning how to find and track animals and then sitting quietly with them.

  • Shelter Building: skills and the ability to make a shelter suited to both the environment and the duration of time you will spend in it is a vital skill. In this unit we will look at both natural and manmade shelters; what materials to use, where to locate them and how to build them.

  • Navigate using the stars, sun, and planets.

  • Allowing nature to heal and relax as we bathe in its restorative powers.

  • Using the stillness we find in nature to unlock our creative mental brilliance.

  • Discover and use plants to dye clothes, make rope and baskets.

  • Using these new skills to create two totems for the fire ceremony

  • Final night fire quest and ceremony


450 KWD / 1,500 USD



- Airline tickets

- Any cost that arises due to flight cancellation or delay, landslide, road blockage, political disturbance, etc.

- Expenses due to sickness or any other contingency

- Emergency evacuation and oxygen cost

- All accommodations

- All transportation (excluding airline ticket)

- All activities and workshops

- During the experience, three meals & refreshing snacks are provided everyday.

- Camping equipment/ supplies

- Experienced guides


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